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Jewelry & Egyptian Jewelry Gold & Silver Cartouche Jewelry

Personalized Jewelry, Egyptian Cartouche with your name or initials in Hieroglyphics. Gold Egyptian Pendants Charms Egyptian Earrings, Egyptian Bracelets and Egyptian Rings & Jewelry.


Cartouche Jewelry


Gold Cartouche Rings  personalized Egyptian pendant with your name in hieroglyphics handmade gold cartouches

Personalized cartouche jewelry handmade with hieroglyphics Personalized gold cartouche with your name in hieroglyphics

Cleopatra 18k hieroglyphics ring Egyptian Cartouche Gold Handmade Queen Cleopatra (gold gifts)

Egyptian Cartouche 18k Special Gold cartouche Pendant Collection in solid 18k Gold jewelry

Gold Cartouche Rings solid Egyptian dark blue Lapis Lazuli also available in Turquoise jewelry  

Personalized Egyptian Jewelry with your name in hieroglyphics Solid 18k cartouche personalized cartouche pendant Good Luck Egyptian beetle

 About Cartouche:

A Cartouche was a loop of rope with a knot at one end, the Egyptian name for it was shenu, It was thought to represent the universe, the Egyptian custom of writing the Pharaoh's name inside the Cartouche represented his rule over the universe.


 About our Jewelry & Egyptian Cartouche Jewelry

The Egyptian Jewelry Cartouche pendant is one of our best selling Jewelry items, our company has been importing products from Egypt for over 33 years, we are one of the largest and Well-Established manufacturer and importer of Egyptian Jewelry items, our fabulous collection of handmade Jewelry & Egyptian and Ankh pendants manufactured in our Egyptian-Jewelry workshop to bring you the best prices.



Cartouche Sterling Silver

18k Gold Cartouche
Egyptian Silver Ring

Jewelry Egyptian Cartouche Jewelry was not just for adornment in ancient Egypt  time it had other religious and magical purposes in the Ancient Egyptians life, Jewelry such as scarab jewelry for rebirth and renewal and the ankh amulet as a symbol of eternal life and other Egyptian jewelry  like the eye of horus for protection.